Critical Need to know and action

    • Teacher Only Day – remember to sign up for  workshops for May 31 TOD. ( BW)
    • Kia takatu a-matahiko website.  Can you please see if you can log in to this site.  Please contact me (PS) if you aren’t able for any reason.  This is a good resource which offers lots of digital curriculum help.
    • Reliever folders – these have been distributed. They need an up to date class description and anything else you see that your treliver will need to have a successful day. (BW)


  • Children’s safety at 3pm. It is important that we are all on the same page. Any children waiting for a ride should be at the pick up are that we supervise until 3.15 . Not in classrooms or in the grounds. This is the message we have sent home: (BW)


Hello parents

Important Information

This is the message we are giving your kids:

IMPORTANT: at 3pm you leave the school grounds (1) with your parent, (2) to meet your parent waiting or (3)  to walk or ride home This is whatever your parent has told you to do.

No child can stay at school unless they are at sKids or Kelly Sports or are WITH A PARENT and then you can play until 3.30pm. If you’re waiting for a parent who is late you MUST come to the office so we know where you are.

Everyone please, please make sure your child is clear about what you have told them to do at 3pm. If it is a change in the daily routine this is especially important.

Do not ask your child to wait in the school grounds and plan to arrive after 3pm. If you are running late to collect call the office  4788424. We’ll look after your child until you arrive. We know and you know they are safe.

So many families are enjoying the grounds 3-3.30pm . This makes finding any children very difficult when a distraught parent arrives at the office. If you are supervising your children after 3pm please help by looking out for any children without parent supervision and telling me when I walk through at 3.15  or sending the child directly to the office . Thanks ~ Bruce


  • Duty. Please record any incidents and how you dealt with them in the playground book and will follow up. It also creates a record of repeat offending so I can a gentle chat with the person involved. Thank you JS


Heads Up


  • Teacher Chairs: teachers please fill in this quick inventory so we can find our what we need to replace.
  • Professional Development courses – We have 2 courses running at our school next week. On the Thursday, we are hosting an iStopMotion course all to do with making stop motion movies.  Nicolette is attending this course. The location for this is the old ICT suite (thank you Catherine and Clare who have vacated their teaching space for the day).  On Friday, we have a coding unplugged course going on in Room 4 – Claire G, Mel, Caley and Nicolette are taking part in this one. As a result of hosting – we get cheaper entry fees for our people attending. (PS)