Critical Need to know and action

  • Kahui Ako Teacher Only Day Friday 31 May: we are paying teachers and teacher aides to attend for this day of professional learning.  If you do not usually work on Fridays you will be paid these extra hours. If you do normally work on a  Friday and for some reason cannot attend, please apply for leave without pay using the leave application form. For office staff and Paul it is a normal working day. (BW)
  • Teacher Only Day – remember to sign up for  workshops for May 31 TOD. There was an email forwarded to you from either Peter or Jeanette – check your inboxes. (PS) A reminder for TAs to let me know by Tuesday if want to attend (JS)

Heads Up

  • Writers Festival is on Tuesday and Thursday this coming week.  Peter is taking 20 senior students on Tuesday and 9 senior students on Thursday. We will be gone most of the day. (PS)
  • We have been told the new shade sails will be installed on Monday.(BW)
  • First draft of graphics for school values: FYI. First impressions…what do you think? We will get feedback from kids and your thoughts are welcomed. Talk to me. We will also do this for Motivated/Brave/Sincere (BW)
  • Measles  please look at the email I sent yesterday (9 May). If you were born between 1969 and 1991 and would like to have the vaccination please get back to me. The BOT has kindly offered to pay for them (JS)
  • Kahui Ako performance – Hone Heke Rankin from Rangitoto College will be at school on Tuesday 14 May 1 – 2pm to work again with 6 children.(JS)
  • Support Staff Day – We will observe next Wednesday 15 May.  The theme is Making a Difference referring to the great work our support staff does at MBS. You are encouraged to wear black and white on Wednesday to show your support for them to be paid fairly by the government. Our support staff has been invited to a special lunch in the staff room at 12 pm next Wednesday to thank them for their hard work (JS)



Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….