A regular email to the magnificent Mairangi Bay School staff to keep you well informed!

Critical Need to know and action

  • The concrete area (Agathis entrance) with the new high fencing will not be available for parking from the start of next term. There will be extra car park spaces on the Galaxy Drive driveway. If they are not ready on the first day back please park on the road. (BW)
  • When  you come to school in the hols take special care. Contractors and cleaners are on site. Always log in, and on exit, lock areas you have entered and set alarms. Call Sure Com (no.by the keypad) if it is in the weekend or after hours. (BW)
  • Updated  class descriptions are required for the start of term and in your folder for relievers (BW).
  • MaiPage(Staff Ready Reference Page) Teachers: this needs to be loading on startup or on your bookmark bar for easy access. Ask if you need help with this. (BW)
  • Annual Appraisal Summaries due soon for JS, PS, AS, CP, KH ,JG,MW,JK (BW)
  • Thank you to the 5 people (as of yesterday) who have contributed to my appraisal google form – please try to get this done before the end of Week 1 of the holidays.  Thanks (PS) https://forms.gle/JRnZ8BwN2Cyz1L8i9

Heads Up

  • A number of holiday projects will be completed in the holidays incl..new shade sails for junior playground and outdoor learning area, new driveway extension and sealing (line marking), peeling paint on Room1-4/16-19 columns remediated, roof replaced for (1)reading recovery room, (2) verandah R5-8, (3) pick up shelter on Galaxy. The foot path to the container will be sealed if they have time. (BW)
  • Congratulations Rebecca who is now officially our third in school leader, ISL (BW).
  • Garden to Table: Congratulations to the teacher aide specialists appointed.  Lily Anderson (Garden specialist) Anna Rainey (Kitchen specialist) Programme to start week 1 Thursday mornings Y5-6. (BW)
  • We welcome Anna Smith and Kate Hooper back for Day 1 Term 2. They job share Room 8 Year 1 (BW)
  • Julie and Joon, our cleaners have been asked to include high sills and ledges in the holiday cleaning schedule. (BW)
  • Teachers have been asked to nominate which PUM on 7 or 10 May you wish to attend. See email from me 11.4. (BW)
  • We will be looking for a new staff rep on the Board of Trustees soon..are you going to put your hand up? (BW)

Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….