Coming Up

Monday 15 October

First Day of Term 4 – School Opens at 8:30 am

Monday 15 – Thursday 25 October

Life Education Programme on site

Thursday 18 October

Life Education Parent Meeting 8:30 am

Hearing and Vision Testing on site

Friday 19 October

School Assembly in the School Hall 1:40 pm

Monday 22 October

Labour Day, School Closed

Wednesday 24 October

APPA Rehearsals in Sandringham

Monday 29 October – Thursday 1 November

Dental Van on site

At a glance

  • Welcome to our new students
  • 2019 enrolment reminder
  • School safety measures update
  • School communications message
  • Summer uniform requirement – Hats
  • Life Education Programme this week
  • Keeping Ourselves Safe – Advice from police
  • Student success
  • Parenting debate – Structured activities and free play
  • Sports News – Super Cross Country
  • PTA News – Second-hand uniform shop and next PTA meeting

 Principal’s Message

Kia ora tatou

Welcome back everyone to Term 4

I note this morning the enthusiasm from children catching up with friends at school after the holidays. Staff members have worked to prepare for the term ahead. Teachers have planned the learning programmes and the theme this term is exploration which should have content to inspire all children. New carpets have been fitted in several classrooms over the holiday and the cleaning and maintenance schedule completed.

Again, a big thank you to our PTA for funding improvements to our children’s playgrounds completed recently. You will notice the next project soon to be started. The PTA has funded the replacement of the matting under the junior adventure playground.

I thank the several people who have talked to me about their concerns recently. Having only authorised people in the school grounds and asking visitors to report to the office appears to have met with general approval. Some are concerned about not being able to enter the grounds until 3 p.m. and having two of the gates locked in school hours. Others are expressing a need for more easily accessible information from the school. We are listening and always reviewing to find the best solution we can. Both of these matters have updates in the school notices section.

We are looking forward to a stimulating and rewarding term of learning.

Nga mihi

School Notices

Welcome to our new students and their families

Jayden Zhang, Ethan Taylor, Max Han, Joel Jansen, Shy Bradley, Iris Chang, Max Stratton, Shane Natanael, Siwoo Kim, Yeyul Yun, Jiyul Yun, Samar Matto and Oscar Fan.

Enrolment reminder for parents to complete enrolment applications for children due to start school in Term 1 2019.  Please pass these to the office as soon as possible.

Safety Measures Update

At the end of last term, after a safety review, we tightened up a number of areas of concern.  The notice (click here) sent home described several measures that reinstated school policies that had been developed years ago but relaxed as we saw parents in the grounds as supporting our notion of a community school. With so many extra people in the school grounds, especially from 2.15 to 3pm, we could not account for them in a lockdown or evacuation emergency. Our emergency planning consultants support the locking of gates 9am -3pm  to help control movement in emergencies and to ensure people entering the school during school hours report to the office so we know they are on authorised business and checked in. There is no scenario where children would in an emergency need to leave the grounds. The two responses are, evacuation to the blue court area or lockdown in rooms. Leaving the grounds would only be in a directed situation (and all teachers know the combination should that unlikely situation arise.)   We are however, seeking further advice from the fire service and will not lock the gates until we have had the benefit of further professional advice. 

….and a 2.55 pm bell. At the Board meeting in the last week of term, early feedback from staff and parents was considered. It was decided that this follow up communication (the one you are reading now!) be written to clarify for all that the driver for these measures is increased child safety and that the measures will be continued through term four and then reviewed. For parents who like to come into the school a bit earlier, it was decided to open the gates and invite people in at 2.55pm and to sound a bell at that time.

Clearing the grounds at 3:15pm enables school staff to ensure that all children are accounted for. Children are no longer left in the grounds without parent supervision because they are so obvious and previously impossible to see because of the numbers of people. Any child still in the grounds can now be seen and taken to the office for the parent to collect.

Please note that later on in the afternoon parents are welcome to bring their children into the grounds as long as the Board of Trustees signs at each gate are heeded. No dogs, no smoking, no skateboards. Supervision is a must. It’s good to have our families in our school after hours.

If you have questions unanswered, please see Bruce or email him.

School Communications Clarification

We did use a school app for a period but found that although it worked for some it did not work for everyone and it was not reliable enough. In an emergency, the school needs to know it can contact all parents and the best way to do this is to use the email address provided by each parent. This does not rely on parents to download an app and then to update it when children change classes.

As explained previously, newsletters and notices are now sent as a link to these parent email addresses you have provided, The fortnightly newsletter and team newsletter each term are also posted to the school website.  

There is an app called @school which is the only app that connects to our email database in our student management system. This app is still under development and does not yet offer the bells and whistles some do. Some parents use it. It is an optional extra. We do send out communications to this app as well as by email.

Important: we rely on you to check your inbox regularly (daily is recommended) for messages from your school. You will see the fortnightly school newsletter, other notices of events and reminders as well as an occasional lockdown practice notification. In a real emergency, this is how you will be contacted (with updates then posted to the website).  

If you have questions or wish to update your email address, email


Compulsory this term and available from the school office.

The North Shore Life Education mobile classroom is visiting our school from Monday 15 October to Thursday 25 October.

The Life Education Trust is a health-based education resource that aims to help children develop respect, understanding and appreciation of the human body and its complexities and help them learn about what is needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Life Education provides opportunities for children to realise their uniqueness, develop self-esteem and respect for others.

The programmes are non-political, non-judgemental, non-gender based and do not represent any religious beliefs.

The areas to be covered are:
Juniors – Relationships and Communities – Being a good friend/ Awareness of others
Middles – Relationships and Communities – – Identity, respect, interpersonal skills, resilience
Seniors – Identity and Resilience – adapting to situations, responsibilities, relationships

You are invited to visit the Life Education mobile classroom to meet the educator Corinne Kirkham, and to find out more about this resource and the programmes your children are involved in. The educator is holding a parent information session in the Life Education caravan on Thursday 18 October at 8.30 am. Please email the office if you wish to attend.

The Life Education Trust is a charity. The activity fees cover the majority of the costs, the trust sells small souvenirs to raise the extra funds they require.
You can purchase the following items at the office, please bring the correct cash.

Pens with pull out banners – $2
Badges – $2
Notebooks – $3
Joke books – $5
Harold keyrings/bag tags – $8
Small Harold toys – $20
Harold toys – $20

Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme for Schools

We support the police’s Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) programme for schools. Please check out below the link to the police’s Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) programme:

The following is advice from police for parents, caregivers and kids.

Advice for kids:
• Trust your ‘gut instinct’. • If you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation.  • Tell someone if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or scared.  • If the first person doesn’t help, keep trying until someone does. • Teach kids that they should call 111 if they have an immediate concern about their safety.

Advice for parents and caregivers:
• Teach your child how to get safely to and from school and other places they go – whether they walk, bike or go by bus.  • Make clear rules about getting home. • Go to school with your child so you can show them the safest route. Try to use main arterial routes with more people around and avoid walkways and isolated areas. • Teach them to deal with hazards like narrow footpaths or busy roads. • Teach your child to use pedestrian crossings. • Teach children to walk home together in twos or small groups, not alone. • Make other arrangements if someone is away.

Student Success

Congratulations to Edmond Jia (Room 14) and Easton Ding (Room 2), who participated in the Youth Chinese Test (known as YCT). They both passed their exams with 100%, which is an awesome grade. Congratulations boys!

The parenting debate between structured activities and free play

An interesting read for parents:

Sports News

Emma KayeMairangi Bay School was represented by our fabulous team of Year 4, 5 & 6 students at the Super Cluster Cross Country 2018. Congratulations to everyone who competed. A special congratulations to the following top places.

1st Place – Emma-Kaye Schroeder, Year 6
3rd Place – Sienna Shields, Year 5
3rd Place – Nyla Spencer, Year 6

Mel Mason – TIC

PTA News

Second-Hand Uniform Shop: Open every Tuesday at 3pm from the Hall Foyer, or call into the school office at any time during the school day.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 30 October at 7.30pm in the School Staffroom.  All welcome!

For all PTA related enquiries please email


Ph 09 478 8424 extn 1
Online via website

Community Notices

Notices are put in this section as a service to our community.  The school does not necessarily endorse these community advertisements and you are advised to check for yourself, the reliability of providers, events, camps, and courses.

Westlake Boys High School – Nigel Latta

Nigel Latta is hosting one of his entertaining and amazing parenting talks, Adventures in Parentland, on Wednesday 17th October at Westlake Boys High School, all in support of local children’s cancer charity which he is ambassador for, Kenzie’s Gift –

Nigel latta Westlake

The talk covers all ages of parenting, from toddlers through to teens.

“Adventures in Parentland”

Happy, healthy, confident children is something all parents want… but getting there is sometimes a bit challenging. While we might be the same humans we’ve always been for the last hundred thousand years or so, the world itself has changed incredibly, and those changes are only going to speed up over the coming years. So how do we prepare our kids for living a good life in the modern age? In this entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking presentation Nigel will share insights gained over a career that spans over twenty years and has taken him all over the world in search of answers to all kinds of questions. He’ll cover everything from the parenting basics, to helping your kids plan for the future, and dealing with big issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. This is an evening full of real-world solutions, for real-world problems.

Tickets to the event are $25 each.

Coatesville School Ad Day – 27 October

Ag Day EPoster 2018

Tots to Teens online –