Lunch for the school is from 12.00 to 1.00. SENIOR CLASSES PLEASE PACK UP YOUR ROOMS BEFORE LUNCH.  (Let’s make it 12.55 so we can call the roll and allow juniors to start promptly at 1.10)

It would be helpful to have one teacher from each team should be responsible for arranging cones and ropes for their races. Stuart, Kathryn and Paul to help out. The finishing for the juniors and middles is the same. Some additional markings and ropes will be needed for all courses.


Children should line up in race lines on the turf as soon as possible after the afternoon roll has been taken. The gate on the field side of the turf should be opened to allow access from the turf to the grass

Junior races from 1.10 until 1.30  ( Junior classes may choose to return to their classes or watch other year levels throughout the afternoon)

Year 3 girls will start at 1.30 Year 3 boys will start at 1.35

Year 4 girls will start at 1.40 Year 4 boys will start at 1.45.

Year 5 girls will start at 1.55 (subject to the Year 4 boys all having finished) Year 5 boys will start at 2.00

Year 6 girls start at 2.15 Year 6 boys start at 2.20

Presentations can begin at 2.40 on the turf with the podium being placed near the end of the turf facing the hall.

All over by 2.55(ish)