Coming Up

Monday 25 June

Year 3-4 Science Roadshow

Tuesday 26 June

Rippa Rugby tournament

Wednesday 27 June

Mufti Day – Gold Coin Donation

Parent Interviews 3:30 – 7pm

Board of Trustees meeting 7.30 pm

Thursday 28 June

Parent Interviews 3:30 – 6pm

Friday 29 June

School Assembly 1.40pm

Tuesday 3 July

New Entrant Parent Meeting 9am

Production Performance 7pm – 8pm

Wednesday 4 July

Netball Cluster Day

MBIS Dance Roadshow

Production Performance 6pm- 7pm Note: Earlier time!

Thursday 5 July

Production Performance 7pm – 8pm

Friday 6 July

Last Day of Term 2 – School closes at 3pm

Monday 23 July

First Day of Term 3 – School opens at 8.30 am

At a glance

  • Communication – Keeping it simple
  • Mufti Day – Wednesday 27 June
  • Best Foot Forward Performance – Order your tickets online
  • 2019 Term Dates
  • Education Conversation – Have your say
  • Policy Review – Reporting to parents
  • Travelwise – Promoting safer driving around our school
  • Rubbish Project – A message from our Student Leaders
  • Music News – APPA Choir, Mid Bays Kahui Ako Showcase, Kids Sing and Marimba Festival
  • Enviro News – Garden to Table News and Kiwi Kids Can Cook Competition
  • PTA News – 2nd-hand uniform shop

Principal’s Message

Kia ora tatou

This is a very busy time particularly with midyear reporting and our music production, Best Foot Forward, only a week away.

Thank you to all of you who have come out on winter evenings to the sessions we have run for parents in the last few weeks. We have had valuable input  to inform the review of our school vision. People have learned about the Kitea programme for Year 1-2, the rationale and approach, and the progress of our Garden to Table trial.

This week we invite you back to school for part two of the midyear reporting process. You have received a report for your child which tracks progress against curriculum expectations and an assessment of key competencies. This report provides the basis for your discussion with your child’s teacher. This year we have also invited you to indicate, when you book online, any particular focus for this interview. We will be seeking feedback from you via a short online survey. Part three of the reporting process is the student-led conference next term.

Ticket sales for Best Foot Forward will be fast and furious. All of our year five and six students are involved in this production. You do not need to have a child in the senior team to attend. The Wednesday 6 p.m. performance has the earlier start so that parents of younger children can still get them to bed at a reasonable time.

Bruce Warren

School Notices

Welcome to our new students and their families

Rosa Norman.

Communication: Keeping it simple!

As advised last term, we are no longer using the Flexibuzz app. This app relies on parents to update it each year and we have found this to be a problem. We need a simple system that we know will reach everyone every time. (especially in an emergency such as a lockdown).

All communications are emailed to you. You do not need to do anything apart from checking your inbox (and updating the school if you change your email address). This is how we have been sending this school newsletter for some time.

You can download the @schoolmobile app. This app is developed by eTAP which is the student management software our school uses. Once set up you will not have to to make changes each year when your child changes classes because this will happen automatically. This app will provide access to the school calendar, a quick way to notify an absence and soon it will allow you to access your child’s reports electronically. @schoolmobile is not yet essential but it will become so.

So, all you need do is check your inbox for school emails and know you are getting the information we need you to read. Then, if you want the extras, set up the @schoolmobile app on your smartphone. Many people have set this up already. You need a unique number to register. Email for this.

The exception: Sports team notices and small groups notices will, in the meantime, continue to be hard copies and sent home in school bags.

Please note that Flexibuzz should not be used to notify absences. Unless you use it for other organisations, we suggest you delete the app.

Mufti Day – Wednesday 27 June

As you aware, the Senior Team has been working throughout the term learning songs and dances for their major production “Best Foot Forward.” The costs of staging a show such as this are significant and not all can be covered through door sales. As a result there will be a whole school mufti-day on Wednesday 27 June, gold coin donation, to help cover costs.
Don’t miss this show. Tickets are now on sale for three evening performances on Tuesday 3 July at 7.00pm, Wednesday 4 July at 6.00pm, and Thursday 5 July at 7.00pm.

Best Foot Forward

Please come to support our senior students in their performance of the Amanda Stone Production “Best Foot Forward.” The children and staff have been working hard to put together a fabulous night of entertainment. This is a not to be missed event. Tickets are on sale now via the school website.  $15 Adults and $5 children. Show nights are Tues 3 July 7pm, Wed 4th 6pm and Thurs 5th July 7pm. The duration of the show is approx 70mins. There will be wine and cheese available for sale an hour before each performance.

The Best Foot Forward is about a scheming developer Daryl Diamond and his ‘high and mighty’ assistants’ aspirations to demolish the great Starlight Dance Hall in order to build the tallest building in the city and become ‘King of the Town’. Caretakers Tom and Donna plead with Darryl to change his mind but he refuses. Throughout the show, Tom and Donna reminisce on all of the great times had in the dance hall over the past decades. Dances from some great eras are depicted including the roaring twenties, the big band forties, the rock and roll fifties, the sixties pop era, the disco seventies and the rap style of the nineties.

2019 Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 4 February – Friday 12 April

Term 2

Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July

Term 3

Monday 22 July – Friday 27 September

Term 4

Monday 14 October – Thursday 19 December

Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga

The Independent Taskforce charged with reviewing the way our schools are governed, managed and administered wants to hear your views and experiences of the schooling system – what’s working well, what’s not and what needs to change in order to meet the challenges we face and to achieve equity and excellence. You can find out more about the review and have your say on the Tomorrow’s Schools Review website. The Taskforce is keen to hear from students and parents.

Policy Review: Reporting to Parents

From time to time we invite you to provide feedback on school policies.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the username (mairangibay) and password (Galaxy).
  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed. viz..Reporting to Parents
  4. Read the policy.
  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select the reviewer type “Parent”.
  7. Enter your name (optional).
  8. Submit your ratings and comments.

If you don’t have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy and a review form.


IMG_1864IMG_1863IMG_1862Our amazing Travelwise students have been monitoring traffic speed on Matipo Road. They got to use a speed gun to see how fast drivers were going between 8.00am and 8.30am on Tuesday morning. Miss Gavin, the Travelwise students and Matthew from Auckland Council discovered that speeds ranged from 29kmh to 58kmh. The Travelwise group have a few activities planned for the up and coming year to promote safer driving around our school and how to promote different ways to get to school rather then driving. Stay tuned!

Rubbish Project – A message from our Student Leaders

This term the student leaders thought about what we could do to help our community. So we thought we would help put a stop to littering as people were not aware of what they were doing to the environment. Also our school is currently having a big problem with all the rubbish from morning tea and lunch time eating. As the dolphins and penguins are dying off, 91% of turtles die of being suffocated and 1 million seabirds die each year because of plastic.

So we decided we would go around after lunch and collect the rubbish scattered around the school. We found there was a huge improvement over the last couple of weeks as we are finding fewer and fewer pieces of rubbish each day.

So we advise you to pack your kid’s food with no plastic packaging or utensils. Instead it’s durable use containers rather than glad wrap and metal utensils rather than plastic.

So please don’t litter! And thank you to all parents who are putting a lot of effort into making Enviro friendly lunches.
By: Ciara Q & Nyla S

Music News

wHEaUlR8QV+8cNpBHIUKUAThe APPA Choir had their first combined rehearsal last week at Marina View School.
2018 MF poster AKL 2They coped well with the long rehearsal, sang beautifully and did MBS proud!


Dates for August/September:
2 August: Mid Bays Kahui Ako Showcase – Rangitoto College
14 August Kids Sing – Auckland Town Hall
1 September Marimba Festival – ASB Stadium, Kohimarama

Clare McCormack
Music Teacher

Enviro News

Garden to Table

promopicWe are going from strength to strength with our trial of the “Garden to Table – Empower” program.  Most classes are now getting their second lesson and it is wonderful to see so many children eating vegetables grown in their own school garden!  Thank you to all those parents who have volunteered to help in the classroom kitchen and donated money, food items and kitchen equipment. The children are loving our cooking lessons.  We hope you enjoy trying the recipes they are bringing home.

Planning for new plantings in our vegetable garden and orchard are underway. Thank you to Tracey Sunderland who is organising a planting session of  24 Incredible Edibles blueberry bushes in the orchard on Monday 2 July 2018.  Incredible Edibles have very kindly donated 10 of these plants to us and have discounted the rest.

We are reaching out to other potential sponsors, and are happy to be approached by any company that would like to be involved in our project.  We are so grateful to Bunnings for their initial sponsorship at the end of last year. They created the orchard for us and provided vegetable seedlings.

We still need help!  Garden items are needed such as seedlings, new (quality) garden gloves for the children, compost, fertiliser and a garden hose reel.  In the kitchen we are always happy to have extra tools, bowls and basic pantry staples so if you are having a clearout please think of us.  We need another electric fry pan!  If you would like to contribute in any way that you think might be useful please contact us.

Siobhan Cooper and Jess Wright

Danny 1Kiwi Kids Can Cook

Congratulations to Danny Glassom-Pick who was runner-up in the “Kiwi Kids Can Cook Competition” held on 27 May 2018. One of his starring dishes was “Tomato Bruschetta” which he learned to prepare in our Garden to Table class.

In Danny’s own words… A few weeks ago I participated in the national Kiwi Kids Can Cook competition in which I had to make two dishes. ( 30 mins for each one ) I came 2nd place for the under tens for the whole of Auckland.

I used a Garden to Table recipe (Tomato Bruschetta) because I have made the dish many times including at school at enviro class and for guests. I was confident cooking it, it was an easy dish to make alongside some lemon-herb chicken and a feta and sundried tomato mushroom. The other dish was Mexican style mince and onion with cut up cucumber & tomato, cheese, my own guacamole and fried tortillas.

In the first round I cut myself and came back and won the round! The experience itself was very enjoyable and hope to do it again and again for years to come!

Siobhan Cooper
Enviro Teacher

PTA News

SECOND HAND UNIFORM SHOP:  Come visit us at 3pm on Tuesdays in the hall foyer, or make an enquiry regarding availability on 021 455 063. All profits to the MBSPTA.

For all PTA related enquiries please email


Ph 09 478 8424 extn 1
Online via website

Community Notices

Notices are put in this section as a service to our community.  The school does not necessarily endorse these community advertisements and you are advised to check for yourself, the reliability of providers, events, camps, and courses.

Public consultation on the Draft Sunnynook Plan is from 8 June to 8 July 2018.

Information will be available at the Sunnynook Community Centre, Meadowood Community House, Glenfield Library and Takapuna Library, as well as online at

In addition, we will have our last drop-in sessions in the area on:

Saturday 30 June 10am-2pm Outside Countdown Sunnynook

We are keen to hear from everyone who lives, works and plays in the area, including teachers, staff and families of students at your school.

Tots to Teens – Read the magazine online at Tots to Teens online

Babysitter Available – Alice Weskerkamp

Please click here for details