Coming Up

1 June

Teacher Only Day – School Closed

4 June

Queen’s Birthday – School Closed

5 June

School Vision Parent Meeting 7pm in the Library

6 June

Cluster Football Tournament

8 June

Years 3-4 Swimming at AUT Millennium

Cluster Football Tournament Save Day

13 June

School Vision Parent Meeting 7pm in the Library

15 June

Years 3-4 Swimming at AUT Millennium

At a glance

  • Do not send your child to school on 1 June ..there will be no one here!
  • School Communication – Newsletter and emails, no more FlexiBuzz
  • Kea Crossing – Please use the Kea Crossing
  • Mai Place – Book now for Teacher Only Day
  • School Production – Best Foot Forward, details in the seniors term newsletter
  • Review of School Vision – Sessions 5 & 13 June – All welcome
  • Learner Agency – Choice, Control, and Collaboration
  • Play Based Learning – Questions & Answers Session 6:30pm 21 June
  • Garden to Table – Information Meeting – date TBA
  • Health Curriculum – Changes at puberty sessions
  • Pink Shirt Day – Thank you for your donations
  • Music News – Choirs and Mid Bays Kahui Ako Performing Arts Festival
  • Enviro News – Garden to Table help needed
  • PTA News – 2nd-hand uniform shop, opening times

Principal’s Message

Kia ora tatau

There is a lot in this edition so I’ll keep it short.

We want to hear from you. Have your say as we create our new vision for our school. This is important and I invite you to get involved. See the School Notices for information about our two sessions for parents.

We remind you that there is no school this Friday and clarify the ways we communicate with you.

Have a fabulous week and enjoy the long weekend.

Best regards

Bruce Warren

School Notices

Welcome to our new students and their families

Chace Speirz, Claire Yang and Emily Gee

School Closed This Friday 1 June 

This is an important notice. We remind you to make arrangements for your children on this day. This is the Friday before the long weekend. Our staff will be attending a professional learning day with other teachers in our neighbouring schools. There will not be staff on site. Do not send children to school.

Did you know?

We are often asked for information that we have already communicated via this newsletter and email. Thank you to all of you who manage your inbox and ensure that you read communications from the school. We rely on you to do this.

School communications
As explained earlier we no longer use the Flexibuzz app because we need to have certainty that we communicate with everyone particularly if there is an emergency. The only reliable means we have to ensure that everyone gets the information is to use the email address that you provide on enrolment, and ask you to tell us if you change it. The newsletter is emailed to you at that address and any other school messages or team messages are also emailed. We have recommended atschool mobile, the app that is being developed by the company that runs our student management system. This app is in development and is another way for you to receive the emails that we send and it will become the parent portal for you to be able to access reports and other information. It is not essential for you to download this yet but you may want to do this now.

Email communications: are you missing out?
Currently our email communications are sent to the email address of the primary caregiver. If you would like to have our communications directed to a second email address (usually the other parent) then please email this request immediately to

Kea Crossing – Matipo Road

A reminder for you if you walk to school via Matipo Road or if you park on Matipo Road. The Kea crossing manned by our lovely road patrol monitors is there for safety reasons. Please set a good example to others by crossing at the road patrol crossing. Also, please be aware that if you park on the white lines on the approach to the crossing, the road patrol students can’t see clearly if a car is coming. Please do not park on these white lines.

Mai Place

TEACHER ONLY DAY – On the 1st of June Mairangi Bay School is having a Teacher Only Day. Mai Place will be open from 7:30am-6pm, the cost for this day will be $40. Bookings are essential, please email me on All bookings need to be made ASAP

School Production “Best Foot Forward”

This is a huge undertaking for staff and involves all of our Year 5 and 6 students. We first staged a school production in 2016 and the feedback from students and staff indicated that all the extra work was worth it. In odd years the major performance focus is the Mid-Bays Music Festival at the Bruce Mason Centre. This year there is great excitement as we prepare for Best Foot Forward . The Performing Arts is a wonderful vehicle to allow our students to express themselves through music, dance and drama, and engage in new learning. The show fits in nicely alongside last term’s 50th jubilee celebrations and this term’s school wide focus on change.
The Best Foot Forward is about a scheming developer Daryl Diamond and his ‘high and mighty’ assistants’ aspirations to demolish the great Starlight Dance Hall in order to build the tallest building in the city and become ‘King of the Town’. Caretakers Tom and Donna plead with Darryl to change his mind but he refuses. Throughout the show, Tom and Donna reminisce on all of the great times had in the dance hall over the past decades. Dances from some great eras are depicted including the roaring twenties, the big band forties, the rock and roll fifties, the sixties pop era, the disco seventies and the rap style of the nineties.
The performances are in the last week of this term and tickets will be available to everyone from Week 8 onwards and sold through our website (more information to follow closer to the time). This is a not to be missed event. Mark Tues 3 July 7pm, Wed 4th 6pm and Thurs 5th July 7pm on your calendar.

A review of our school vision

It has been some years since we adopted Ako as our school vision. Many parents will not have been of our school community when it was developed.
On June 5 and 13 you have an opportunity to participate in the review.

Future-focus Education
Schools, just like many other parts of our community, are experiencing significant change. They are trying to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, changes in the world of work, and the demands being placed on our young people. This presentation will look at some of the key trends impacting on education and how schools are responding to these trends by adopting innovative approaches not only to what and how students learn, but also where they learn. Come along to hear how schools are preparing students for ‘their future; not our past’.

We also want to hear your thoughts on the rapidly changing world and what you think the skills, knowledge and dispositions our children will need as they progress through their school life and beyond. We value your input which will help us in the review of our school vision and values.
We have engaged the assistance of two facilitators to assist us in the process. They are very engaging and have supported many schools through this process.

Mark Osborne is the Director of Leading Learning and has been a teacher, school leader and consultant for more than 20 years. He works nationally and internationally on future-focused education, innovative learning environments and educational leadership, helping schools build great places to learn and the capability to make the most of those spaces.

Joanne Robson is a highly experienced passionate consultant, leader and educator with over 20 years teaching and leading at various North Shore schools. Joanne works alongside leaders and teachers in an inclusive, responsive way to develop visionary, future-focused education.

In the first session on June 5 Mark Osborne will set the scene for the future of education. There will be opportunities for you to record your questions.
The second session on 13 June facilitated by Joanne Robson, will be hands on – parents will consider the needs of their children/learners and what is required to prepare them for their future.

The sessions will be from 7 pm to 8 pm on both nights and we will meet in the library.

We want to know how many people will be attending the session so please email the school and say which sessions you will be attending and how many in your group.  We hope you can attend.

Learner Agency

When learners have agency, they have the power to make decisions about their learning in areas such as goal setting, sequencing and prioritising. Increased learner agency leads to increased intrinsic motivation for learning, increased creativity, improved higher-order thinking and overall achievement. “Providing opportunities for choice, control, and collaboration are potent strategies for increasing academic achievement.”

Toshalis, E., & Nakkula, M. J. (2012). Motivation, engagement, and student voice

Information sessions for parents

Look out for information about the following

Play based learning: the team here is planning a question and answer session for parents at 6.30 on 21 June. We encourage you to come along and learn about this approach to which is becoming an important feature of teaching and learning in year one and two. More information to follow.

Garden to table: this program is being trialled by our Enviro teacher Siobhan Cooper with tremendous help from Jess Wright, Tracey Sunderland and other parents. Come along and hear about what we have learned so far and how you can help make this program even more successful. Date to be advised.

Health Curriculum Consultation

Changes at puberty are occurring earlier and teachers in the year 5/6 have expressed concern that children are not always prepared for these changes. They have requested that changes at puberty be included in our health curriculum. We would make it clear to you exactly what the content of the sessions would be and give you the opportunity to withdraw your child if you felt uncomfortable. But first we need to consult with parents to find out if you are supportive of this idea. Look out for a health curriculum consultation survey to be emailed to you shortly.

Pink Shirt Day – Mental Health FoundationPink Day 2

32978839_2113795972232461_1355257671619444736_n[1]Thank you to everyone who supported our mufti day for The Mental Health Foundation by wearing pink and donating a gold coin on 18 May.  Alongside one of our parents, Nicola Larsen, who is running the Auckland Marathon to raise further 32744746_2113796068899118_7738237277213556736_n[1]funds, Mairangi Bay School raised $483.50 for this wonderful cause.

Speak Up – Stand Together – Stop Bullying!


Music News

APPA Choir will be performing in the Auckland Town Hall on Wednesday 21 November

Kids Sing Choir will be performing the Auckland Town Hall on Tuesday 14 August – during the day and Gala evening
Notice going home about this soon

Mid Bays Kahui Ako Performing Arts Festival at Rangitoto College, Evening Showcase 2 August
I am taking Choir children (Tuesday 31 July and Thursday 2 August)
Ukulele children (Thursday 2 August)
Dance children (Thursday 2 August)

Mrs McCormack
Music Teacher

Enviro News

Garden to Table – Volunteers Wanted

The Garden to Table Programme is looking for volunteers to join the garden team with new plantings and weeding. This can be done at a time to suit you. Also we would love any volunteers, parents or grandparents to help us with our Kitchen programme in Room 20 from 8:45 -10am on Wednesday mornings and occasionally a Thursday morning.
If you would like to help in other ways, we are happy to have any donations. Cupboard basics such as olive oil, flour, raw sugar, garden produce are all gratefully accepted. Do you have any kitchen items you are not using or replacing? We would love to have them, especially small bowls, mixing bowls, wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks.
If you are able to help, I would love to hear from you.

Siobhan Cooper
Enviro Teacher

PTA News

Second Hand Uniform Shop open Tuesdays 3-3.30pm and now also Monday 8.15am-9am. All items $5 -$10. (Cash only) For enquiries or to make an appointment outside of these hours please text 021445063.

For all PTA related enquiries please email


Ph 09 478 8424 extn 1
Online via website

Community Notices

Notices are put in this section as a service to our community.  The school does not necessarily endorse these community advertisements and you are advised to check for yourself, the reliability of providers, events, camps, and courses.

Pinehurst Charity Fair – Myself and my business partner are both year thirteens from Pinehurst School participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme. As a part of this, we are hosting a charity fair on Saturday June 9th from 12-4PM at Pinehurst School to raise money for KidsCan. Please come along and support us!