Wednesday 7 February

Hello everyone

There is great excitement today as children catch up with their friends after the holidays and also start making friends with the new children we have welcomed today.

We are reviewing electronic communication options and there are likely to be some changes later in the term to further improve our communications with you.

It is important that you:

  1. download the FlexiBuzz app (available for android, iPhone, Windows phones) or download to your PC and laptop. (FlexiBuzz used to be called tiqbizz);   OR
  2.  if you already have FlexiBuzz change your child’s room number to the 2018 Room (very important if you want this year’s communications!); and
  3. send us your new email address if you have changed it in the last two months (send to

We have made significant improvements over the holidays. We have a new shade area and each classroom now has air conditioning so teachers can provide a comfortably cool learning environment.

Look out for a bumper edition of our school newsletter on Monday. It will be full of information you need to know.

Best regards

Bruce Warren