Coming Up

5 September

PTA Meeting: 7:30 pm

11 September

Mid Bays Performing Arts Day 1: Rangitoto College

12 September

Mid Bays Performing Arts Day 2: Rangitoto College

Inter-school Cross Country – Sunnynook Park

13 September

Hearing and Vision Testing

14 September

Inter-school Cross Country Save Day

20 September

Year 3 & 4 Showcase

 At a glance

  • Welcome to our new students
  • Student Success
  • Poverty Studies
  • School Driveway
  • Student Reviews on School Trips
  • Music News: Marimba, APPA & Mid Bays Performing Arts
  • Sports News: Basketball and Summer Hockey
  • PTA News: School Disco, Yummy Stickers, Calendar Art and Cool Rides to School

Principal’s Message

Kia ora tatou,
What a busy and exciting week we had last week! We have loads of photos and some wonderful stories to share with you of all the interesting activities that our Mairangi Bay School children have participated in over the last few weeks. I was particularly impressed with how hard everyone tried in the school Cross Country and Mrs Smail and I enjoyed watching our wonderful Mairangi Bay School musicians perform in the Marimba Concert at the ASB stadium on Saturday. Well done all of you – keep up the hard work.

Nga mihi
Mrs Curtice

School Notices

Welcome to our new students and their families

Zara Nastevska, Crystal Auger, Patrick Tagg, Carola Murace, Eliza Wang, Cassandra Galloway and Joshua Osborne.

Student Success

Congratulations to three of our students this week…

Devon 2Devon Conn: Devon attended the Judo club championships held in Howick. He won two of his three fights and was awarded a bronze medal.

Charles BraceletsCharles Heathcote: Charles has been selling bracelets at morning tea on Thursdays since the end of last term. He has been raising money for Starship Children’s Hospital and the school PTA. Charles presented a cheque for $250 to Karen Adams the PTA Chairperson at our last school assembly. Many thanks to Charles for putting his time and effort into raising funds for Starship and our school. Thank you also to the children who gave their support by buying Da Yeonbracelets.

Da Yeon Lee: Da Yeon came first overall in the stage 4 Primary & Intermediate Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition.

Poverty Studies in Room 4 – This term Room 4 have been learning about global issues and how we are all connected. In particular we have been investigating poverty, what this looks like around the world and in NZ and discovering the possible causes of poverty. In response to our learning, Room 4 will be running a series of fundraising events to raise money for Poverty Charities over the next few weeks. We would love it if your child could bring a couple of coins to school to support us in our goal. There will be a lemonade and hot chocolate stand, a cake stall, a mufti day and a craft stall.  Please write these dates on your calendars. 13th & 21st of September: Lemonade and hot chocolate stand; 15th of September: Cake Stall & Mufti Day; 22nd of September: Craft Stall

School Driveway

Please be careful and drive slowly when driving down our school driveway.  We have needed to mention this to a few parents over the last couple of weeks. The safety of our children is paramount.

Tip TopTip Top: The trip to the Tip Top factory was to learn how ice-cream is made.  At the Tip Top factory, the staff work like a team and the ice-cream is constantly moving from station to station like a water cycle. Out of the shiny metal machine globbed the thick gooey creamy vanilla ice-cream that made our mouths water like a rushing waterfall.  By Danny Pick

Tip TopToday my class went to the Tip Top Factory. The first part of the tour, the liquid nitrogen! DUN, DUN, DUN!! It was in a huge white pipe thing. I can’t believe that the liquid nitrogen is -184 degrees!! Later we saw a tiny little Tip Top car that they used to use in the 1900s! AMAZING! Then we went inside and we saw all of the machines used to make ice-cream and the machines cost millions of dollars! The tour was FINALLY over. So we were treated with some YUMMY ICE-CREAM AND POPSICLES! I chose a lemonade popsicle and I have to say it was DELICIOUS! While we were eating we got to watch a video about everything about the factory – like where they export 1/5 of the ice-cream. Then sadly it was almost time to go, but at least we got to play on the playground! But sooner or later we would have to leave. By Katie Shi.

Tip Top 2Today, I went to the amazing Tip Top Factory! First, a lady gave us a tour, and we had a photo by an olden days ice-cream truck! We also saw some liquid nitrogen that was -184 degrees! When we went inside, we looked at famous ice-creams from ages ago. Then we went and smelled inside some pipes to try and guess the ice-cream flavours. Next, we looked out a window and watched people getting the ice-cream ready and learnt some new words, and then we went and watched people making boysenberry ice-cream. It was making me hungry! Finally, we got an ice-cream and I chose a mint Trumpet! It was so delicious! While we were waiting for the bus to get there, we had some morning tea and played on the playground. It was the most fun trip this year! By Lily Newman.

farm 1 farm 3Ambury Farm: Guess what? Rooms 9, 10, 6 and 7 went to Ambury farm on Tuesday because we are learning about the Global World and the farm is a part of the Global World. When we got there, there were two ladies called Janine and Meredyth. The first thing we needed to know was the rules. Second, we went to the wool shed. The wool shed is a bit smelly because the wool is as smelly as poo! Did you know that the sheep’s wool is just like a raincoat? The outside of the wool gets wet and dirty and the inside is dry and clean because the wool has a special oil. Next, we went to the milking shed. We got to see how to milk a cow by machine. Meredyth used the cow’s teats to fire milk at people. Fourth, we went to make felt out of three colours of wool, hot water and bubbles. How you make it is you put the three colours of wool on top of each other, squish the wool, pour hot water on the wool, pat the wool softly to spread the water, put bubbles on, pat the bubbles and rub the wool hard! The last thing is to make sure the wool can’t come apart. We also made yarn. It is easy to make yarn because it only has two steps! First, you spin the wool the opposite as your buddies doing until it’s not flat and round. Second, you put your finger in the middle and your other fingers hold onto the other end. Take the finger out of the middle and you have twisted wool. I felt very happy at the farm. I can’t wait to do it again. By Johnson Ni

Music News

marimba 2 marimba 3

Marimba Festival – 55 MBS senior students performed on the weekend at the annual Marimba Festival.
Marimba 4 marimba 1800+ children playing marimba, xylophones, metalophones, recorder, etc. A wonderful festival of ensemble playing.
Congratulations to the performers and thank you to all the parents for your support transporting instruments and children.

Marimba Mania – Marimba groups and senior classes will be working with a visiting Marimba/Orff teacher, Gerard Van der Geer from Tasmania, Australia on Thursday 7 September.

APPA Choir – Please make sure that you have ordered your choir tickets from the office before Thursday 7 September.

Rangitoto Mid Bays Performing Arts – Monday 11 September. Dancers and Singers will be attending these sessions and then will be performing as part of the Rangitoto College Junior Showcase on Tuesday 12 September.

Mrs McCormack
Music Teacher

Sports News

Breakers Rm 13Basketball – A big thank you to Chanel Pompallier from the Breakers who has been working with the Year 2 – Year 6 children for the past week.

Summer Hockey – Summer Hockey is here please see Harbour Hockey website for more information.
Get your team entries in fast for 7 weeks of Hockey, it’s fun, it’s relaxed it’s always at the same location with yummy food and drink on site.

Ryan McWilliams
Sports Coordinator

 PTA News

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for your support with our annual Quiz Night and Chocolate Fundraisers. Your support has been outstanding and greatly appreciated by all of us on the PTA.
SCHOOL DISCO: Save the date for the next school Disco, Friday 22nd September – Crazy Hats, Funky/Tinsel Hair.
YUMMY STICKERS: Please keep those yummy stickers coming in – deadline for 2017 is the end of this term. Extra copies of the sticker sheets are available in the office.
CALENDAR ART: Don’t forget to get your orders in by Friday 15th September. Online payments can be made through EZLUNCH, or through the school website by selecting the tabs ‘Parent Information”, “School Payments” and “Shop Now”.
COOL RIDES TO SCHOOL: As the result of the PTA feeling that this term has been crazy busy with PTA events, we have decided to set this event aside for 2017. Cool Rides will unfortunately no longer be going ahead on the 29th September.


Ph 09 478 8424 extn 1
Online via website
or tiqbiz

Community Notices

Notices are put in this section as a service to our community.  The school does not necessarily endorse these community advertisements and you are advised to check for yourself, the reliability of providers, events, camps and courses.


Pform is teaching Performing Arts classes at Pinehurst School!
Come along to build your confidence, have an enormous amount of fun brushing up on your performance skills and be involved in our Showcase experience!

Pinehurst School Sports Arena – Monday 5:30 – 6:30 pm – PFORM DRAMA 10-13 Years.

To book a free trial, phone 09 476 4045 email:

Babysitter Available: Year 10 student Lexi is available to babysit in our local areas of Campbell’s Bay / Mairangi Bay. Please contact 0274 344450 or email

Kristin School ‘Fame Junior’ Free Show: You and your children are warmly invited to a full dress rehearsal of our Middle School (Year 7 -Year 10) production, ‘Fame Junior’ on Thursday 7 September at 10.45am in our school Auditorium. Kristin is renowned for our exceptional cultural performances and we welcome you to experience this wonderful show with our talented students. If you would like to attend, please register your interest with our Admissions Manager, Regina Manaf, at We look forward to seeing you at Fame Junior!

North Shore KCC EVENT REMINDER Bugs at Night, Centennial Park, Campbells Bay 6 – 8pm Friday 22 September.  What will we find when we go hunting for little creatures by torchlight? If they are hiding, we will become nature detectives, searching for likely habitat, under logs, leaf litter and in the trees of this regenerating bush. The date coincides with the beginning of the annual Great Kereru Count which we will discuss. Will we see a kereru in the park as dusk falls to record? All children must be accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility for their safety and knows where they are at all times. It could be cold, please make sure everyone is warmly dressed with raincoat, sturdy shoes / gumboots, hats and gloves. Bring a torch for each person, a pen, magnifying glass and a jar or plastic box to contain your finds while you identify them. I will be in touch with directions closer to the time. To book contact: Marilyn Gulliver at or 4785562